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America's Return is a consulting and training firm that presents sales development programs for service and sales organizations, specializing in those that rely on an indirect distribution channel. On behalf of Hewlett-Packard, America's Return has assisted hundreds of HP Channel Partner companies improve their sales through an industry-tailored version of The S.A.L.E.S.® System.

Other types of clients include real estate developers improving their tenants' sales performance; franchisors raising their franchisees' sales levels; venture capital firms increasing the success of businesses within their portfolios; business associations developing the sales or professional practices of their members; and public agencies raising the competitiveness of emerging or deregulated enterprises.

Dr. Richard L. Chambers

RLCRichard is the president of America's Return Inc. He has consulted with over 1,500 senior management teams, and has spoken before thousands of others through presentations for corporations, business schools and professional organizations based on five continents. Within the computer industry he is especially sought out for assistance with Value-Added Resellers involved in a two-tier distribution environment. The former Vice President of one of the nation's largest small-business consulting companies, he was responsible for the delivery of that firm's consulting and training services prior to starting his own company.

Richard studied linguistics and education at U.C. Berkeley, where he received his BA, MA and Ph.D. While Dr. Chambers' academic research on how people understand new concepts has had breakthrough applications in the content of sales education, some people credit his elementary-school class-clown years for the liveliness of his business meetings. He can be reached at rchambers@americasreturn.com or through LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardlchambers

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